V2T Technology provides a unique, contractor centric model designed to ‘pay it forward’ in order to grow its own distribution network. With initiatives to support contractor marketing efforts and a simple and standardized pricing structure, V2T looks to become the standard roofing system for low-slope roofs across the United States.

May 18, 2014 – V2T Technology steps into the low-slope roofing sector in a way that is highly attractive to roofing contractors. By leveraging a relationship with a Business & Marketing Strategy firm, Kompani Group, V2T will offer contractors a slew of business and marketing support as a part of installing the V2T Roof System. “We understand that in helping contractors market themselves, more people will come to know the V2T Roof System, and once you understand the value of the system, in terms of longevity, costs, and environmental benefit, the choice becomes obvious”, said Adam Olen, Managing Director of Kompani Group.

“Contractors and roof owners alike will love it” commented Jan Havmoeller, Managing Director of V2T Technology”. “We are providing a Roof System that installs faster and at less cost making it better for everyone. Add to that a standardized pricing structure that makes it easy for contractors to know exactly what the job will cost them in terms of materials. And when they realize how much faster our system can be installed than traditional glue and screw roofs, they will see how they can underbid their competitors and still remain highly profitable. It’s a win-win!”

About the V2T Roof System

The V2T Roof System utilizes a patented vent system that leverages the power of the wind to hold down the roof membrane – the harder the wind blows, the tighter the grip. This allows for a significant reduction in other materials such as adhesive, screws, and ballast. V2T has been tested at a NASA facility at the Langley Air Force Base, the Underwriters Laboratory (UL Test), among others, and has been tested to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 MPH. The V2T Roof System is backed by the same 20 year warranties as other top tier commercial roofs, easier to install, easier to maintain, more environmentally friendly, and has a lower cost of ownership. With millions of square feet already installed from the tropics to the coldest areas of the United States, the V2T Roof System is the obvious choice for low-slope roofs. Learn more at www.V2TRoofSystem.com.

About Kompani Group

Kompani Group is a management consulting, strategy, branding and marketing company. Our experience and expertise have been acquired from helping build and grow hundreds of companies across multiple industries, as well as from building our own portfolio brands. Our main focus is always to empower our clients and brands with effective solutions, know-how, improved processes, training and tools that immediately generate measurable results. For more information go to www.kompanigroup.com.

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