Having reviewed the newest and most innovative products this year, Roofing Contractor’s Editors have published what they consider the best new products in 5 categories: Safety, Time & Money Savers, High-Tech, Sustainability, and Services. To use their words: 

The editors at RC took note of the best the industry has to offer and compared our findings to showcase the new products and services that we feel could play an important role in making 2019 a successful and profitable year.

In their “Time & Money Savers” category, Carlisle’s VacuSeal system, leveraging V2T’s vents, was honored. Again referring to the RC Editor’s comments:

Carlisle SynTec Systems’ VacuSeal Vent Secured Roofing System takes advantage of one thing all roofs deal with — wind.

The assembly uses special vents that harness the power of the wind to lock roof membranes in place.

The design offers quick and easy installation, as well as cost and labor savings through reduced use of glue, ballast, or fasteners.

Other benefits of the VacuSeal Vent Secured Roofing System include: negative pressure venting that pulls air and moisture out from under the membrane to maintain insulation dryness and R-value; no cold-weather limitations for installation; and no VOCs or odors.

VacuSeal V2T Vents are made from UV-resistant PVC, contain no moving parts, require no penetrations, provide effective performance regardless of wind direction, and are UL-certified with uplift certification at 195 psf negative pressure.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thanks to Roofing Contractor’s editors, Carlisle, and all of you who are already installing V2T. Looking forward to many more wonderful years to come. 

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