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Imagine a roof system that would install faster, cleaner, safer, require no additional equipment, uses the same membranes you are already using (with the same warranties), and in less than ideal weather compared to traditional roofs.

Revolution in Low-Slope Roofing

V2T – The Revolution in Low­-Slope Roofing Technology

Stop being worried by immediate and long term costs, energy and labor efficiency, durability, timelines, environmental concerns for both the building and the planet, safety and exposure to the elements during construction.

While these are key areas of concern for roof owners and property managers alike, the V2T Roof System cohesively addresses these concerns, providing a best in class solution for most low-slope roofs. Whether new construction or repair, concrete or metal, any sealed deck is an opportunity to leverage the V2T system for a longer lasting, more efficient, and lower cost solution.

While the V2T Roof System leverages more modern technologies and scientific principles than its traditional counterparts, it is covered by the same 20 year warranties as traditional roof systems. This includes membranes from manufactures such as Carlisle, Fiber­Tite, Flex, Versico and others.

Why V2T?

  • A much quicker install
  • Easy to install
  • Reduced exposure to weather during construction
  • Lower materials costs
  • Easier repairs and maintenance (you can simply cut it loose and reuse insulation)
  • Lower total cost over the life of the roof

Because the V2T Roof System leverages the power of the wind for strength, rather than fighting against the wind, it holds better, for longer, and does so without the need for ballast, adhesive and screws:


V2T Roof System is ideal for a Flat roof:

The V2T Vent technology can protect flat roofs from wind damage by using the power of the wind to hold roofs in place. Flat roofs are subject to uplift pressure often resulting in membrane failure. The uplift pressure places stress on the:

  • Fasteners
  • Adhesive bond
  • Roof ballast
  • Membrane

Cost Efficiency

Because the V2T Roof Vent was designed to use physics to hold it in place, it simply doesn’t require the huge amount of fasteners, ballast, and adhesives in use by typical roofs. While that definitely results in fewer materials costs for roofing professionals, the power of V2T to positively impact project budgets, green building initiatives, and more goes well beyond simple materials savings.

V2T also delivers:

  • Better roofing performance with fewer materials and man hours
  • Roofing warranties without excessive materials or work
  • More efficient project schedules
  • Fewer maintenance calls

So how does it work?

We’ll compare three common roofing projects and the savings available when V2T is used.


Even with a $1 savings per square foot, the total reduction in costs and increase in performance is a powerful shift forward in for anyone who has a flat roof building. Remember, key components of V2T roofs are:

  • Premium roofing membrane
  • Routine maintenance inspections
  • Longer roof life with less cost
  • Low carbon footprint
  • High potential LEED ratings
  • Solar-ready capabilities

That’s worth something to consumers in today’s market. Add to that the simple fact that any sealed-deck roof is an opportunity and it’s easy to see many ways to leverage the benefits of V2T, including:

  • Reduced labor
  • Reduced equipment cost
  • Less inventory
  • Increased capacity with same resources

On average, a state of art V2T project can save approximately $2.00 per square foot over traditional roofing systems.

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Green Technology

160 Million tons of construction waste per year, 25% of all construction waste comes from roofing, 40 million tons to be precise.

  • Old membranes can be fully recycled
  • No landfill waste
  • Less VOC’s
  • Less adhesives i.e. less toxic waste
  • Longer lasting roofs
  • Less stress on membranes
  • It’s loose laid

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Approved Applicator

Why is V2T better for your business?

Imagine a roof system that would install faster, cleaner, safer, require no additional equipment, uses the same membranes you are already using (with the same warranties), and in less than ideal weather compared to traditional roofs. Imagine a roof that strengthens with increased wind rather than weakens. Imagine an on-site monitoring tool that tells you when it is time to visit for maintenance.

With easy-to-estimate pricing, the next generation of roofing technology, on-the job training, and an unprecedented level of marketing support, contact us to learn more about what it means to be a V2T Approved Applicator!

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