Case Study: Solving the Impossible – The Versatility of V2T

A Single Vent that Solves Multiple Application Challenges


One of the most challenging aspects of commercial roofing is that no two roofs are exactly alike – which means that sometimes a new or unique solution is needed to provide the results the roof needs, and that the property owner expects.

That’s one of the key reasons we developed V2T – so that roofing contractors could look beyond “one-size-fits-most” products and create truly innovative solutions. Here’s one example:

The Project

The Roof

  • A gravel-surface BUR over a loadmaster style deck
  • Decking was comprised of two pieces of ½-inch sheetrock with a layer of EPS foam in between

The Problem

  • Long-term leaking had penetrated most of the roof system, but since the roof had been mopped directly to the deck, there wasn’t moisture “trapped” in the roof as much as it was soaked into the deck.
  • Structural concerns as well as budget constraints eliminated complete tear-off and re-roofing as a possibility.
  • Latent moisture and the gravel surface would have made adhering a new roof challenging, if not impossible, and with high risk for future failures and leaks.

How V2T Could Have Helped

  • Even with all this project’s many flaws, risks, and problems – V2T could have provided a possible solution that would have eliminated the leaks and also improved the existing roof’s condition over time.
  • V2T doesn’t require many fasteners or a lot of adhesive – both of which would have either failed in this situation, or have compromised the structural condition of the roof. As well, because V2T uses a vacuum effect to remove both air and moisture from beneath the roofing membrane, any residual moisture from future leaks could also be eliminated over time. Fastened or adhered roofs would have trapped this moisture inside, leading to further weaknesses.

Because it’s designed to be different – V2T is a roofing system that can offer more options than traditional roofing methods provide. It may be a difficult roofing problem or an unusual architectural design, or some other roofing challenge that needs a new answer – by becoming familiar with V2T, you can expand the options you and your team can offer, and set your business apart from competitors.

In general we believe that the V2T Vent Technology has a significant advantage in performance, installation, monitoring, environmental stewardship and cost than any other system on the market. To date, we have millions of square feet of roof in all climates that is providing these benefits to contractors, building owners, and manufacturers across the country.