Case Study: Gilbreth Manufacturing Plant

A dependable roof system at the right price


Croydon, PA


Square Footage

Year Installed


When the Gilbreth Manufacturing plant in Croydon, PA was experiencing severe leaks the building owner needed to replace the roof system for their tenant with tight budget constraints.

The Project

The existing 103,000 square foot roof system consisted of a gravel built-up roof over a concrete deck. The building owner, Keystone Industrial Properties, contacted Jurin Roofing Services who offered several good options, but all were out of their budget range but one. Jurin Roofing, determined to give their client a dependable, long lasting roof system that could fit their budget presented the V2T system to their client.


As an approved applicator for V2T, Jurin had installed several V2T roofs with great success and excellent cost efficiency. While the Gilbreth Manufacturing project had initially asked for an exact roof replacement of their existing system, Jurin recognized that utilizing the roofing industry’s latest technology – V2T – was not only a good fit for the project, but a better solution for meeting budget objectives. The V2T system’s key secret to cutting costs center around its quicker installation, fewer overall materials, and decreased labor hours. At the same time, the technology behind V2T that locks the roof in place also works to remove moisture from roofing surfaces. While a traditional mechanically fastened system would secure the roof, given the client’s budget and some special needs surrounding fasteners attaching to a concrete deck, those systems were not the ideal choice for Gilbreth.


Originally installed in 2014, even after years in place and several harsh winters and northeastern storms, the roof has been leak free and has had no high-wind issues. In 2016 there was a fire at the building next door and the Gilbreth roof suffered hundreds of burn holes. The V2T system still kept the roof in place even though the system was no longer sealed. While unfortunately the client had a massive roof repair issue the V2T system did its job and kept the roof in place even in winds.

Key Players

In general we believe that the V2T Vent Technology has a significant advantage in performance, installation, monitoring, environmental stewardship and cost than any other system on the market. To date, we have millions of square feet of roof in all climates that is providing these benefits to contractors, building owners, and manufacturers across the country.


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