Case Study: Highwoods Properties

Taking Roof Repair to New Heights

Nashville, TN

Square Footage

Year Installed


When the 21,457 square-foot roof of the Highwoods Properties building began to experience delamination of the roof substrate, concerns mounted regarding the roof’s ability to survive high wind events.

The Project

The Challenge

The roof being 100 feet in the air in downtown Nashville only further complicated the problem – with the roof taking more stress from city wind-tunnel effect and the difficulty in accessing the roof for repair or replacement. A solution was needed that would secure the roof against unpredictable winds and that could be installed quickly and effectively with minimal disruption to surrounding streets for cranes and other equipment.

The Solution

Fortunately, this is precisely the type of situation in which the V2T roof system excels. Because it does not require excessive fasteners and adhesives, the system installs fast – in this case, the job was completed in 2 days once work began.


In planning for the project, it took about four months for architects and building owners to agree on a hybrid design that would address the problems with the existing roof. The solution was to utilize a hybrid design using the V2T Vent Technology to secure the delaminated section from uplift and provide an efficient solution for the recovery of the existing roof using the same technology. Both would be united by the same membrane (in this case a Carlisle 60 mm TPO) and V2T vents on both the existing roof assembly and the recovery membrane. Coordinating the project was also an exacting task, as there was no available staging area to store roofing and construction materials in the downtown Nashville area. In fact, there was a very narrow, very specific window of time (between 8 am and 10 am) that materials could be delivered with necessary permissions for a crane to lift materials to the roof height.


In total, 36 V2T vents were used – isolation vents to secure the existing roof and new vents for the recovery membrane. Fully installed as of mid July 2017, the property is now properly outfitted to weather even highly variable wind conditions, and because of the rapid installation, disruption to the downtown environment was minimized.

Key Players

In general we believe that the V2T Vent Technology has a significant advantage in performance, installation, monitoring, environmental stewardship and cost than any other system on the market. To date, we have millions of square feet of roof in all climates that is providing these benefits to contractors, building owners, and manufacturers across the country.


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