Case Study: Daimler Trucks

Replacing Failures with Performance


Gastonia, North Carolina


Square Footage

Year Installed


The Daimler truck parts manufacturing plant in Gastonia, N.C. was replacing the 20+ year-old, 98,500-square-foot roof of its facility in 2014. At the time, a mechanically fastened roof was originally specified. However, due to low pull tests of the tectum (cementitious wood fiber) deck, it quickly became clear that a mechanically fastened system would be subject to substantial failures from day one.

The Project

A fully adhered system was well outside the allotted budget for the project. The existing ballasted EPDM roof was already failing and could not be relied upon for continued useful life. It seemed as though the Daimler facility was stuck with no suitable roofing solution… until V2T came along.


Instead of 300 buckets or more of adhesive, plus the man hours associated with the installation of an adhered roof, V2T’s innovative vent-system technology saved approximately 15% on the project cost, while also allowing for superior moisture and wind seal performance that a mechanically fastened system could not in this instance. Using a Carlisle 80-mm TPO membrane, the V2T system was installed with a warranted manufacturer and should be able to deliver at least 25-years of steady, dependable roofing performance under normal (and even heavy weather) conditions.


The Daimler facility also enjoys the peace of mind that comes with V2T’s 5-year warranty on all V2T Vents and technologies as well as installation. In the year+ since the roof’s installation the facility has no reported issues or failures – a substantial and cost-effective improvement over their original roofing situation.

Key Players

In general we believe that the V2T Vent Technology has a significant advantage in performance, installation, monitoring, environmental stewardship and cost than any other system on the market. To date, we have millions of square feet of roof in all climates that is providing these benefits to contractors, building owners, and manufacturers across the country.

Daimler Trucks

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