In replacing the roof for the Sherwood Forest Elementary School in Winston-Salem, NC; there were a number of challenges. First, the existing EPDM roof had multiple leaks, which had caused damage to some – but not all – of the roof decking throughout the property. The building’s design also presented some difficulties with its multiple interconnected structures that would normally cause seaming issues with traditional membranes and roof systems. Lastly, the roof renovation needed to occur while students were still in session – so extensive loud work would cause a disruption to the school learning day.

The contractor, AAR Roofing of North Carolina recommended V2T for its ability to address all these concerns. The 48,196 square-feet of total roof surface were covered with new ½-inch gypsum cover board in areas requiring repair and replacement, with new 060-mil Carlisle PVC membrane installed on top. There were 49 V2T vents included in the installation.

The V2T vents and installation system allowed for more seamless installation across multiple roof surfaces – with the sub-membrane venting system connecting easily around corners and edges to create an air- and water-tight seal. As well, V2T offered the unique advantage of its patented “drying effect” which not only eliminates air from beneath roofing membranes, but also any residual moisture that may have remained from previous leaks in the old roof. The exclusive patented design of the V2T vent also eliminates the need for multiple screw-in attachments and other fasteners for each vent – which led to a quicker installation as well as a quieter one since less machine work needed to happen on the roof. The other upside of this aspect of the installation was that it provides further moisture resistance due to less penetrations through the membrane.

In less than a week, the Sherwood Forest Elementary School had a new roof that surpassed the quality of its previous one, and delivered the extra assurance of having been wind-tunnel rated to Category 3 Hurricane Winds – a bonus in North Carolina where tropical weather is always a seasonal possibility.

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