A roof system that installs in a fraction of the time, eliminates the toxic materials used to adhere traditional roofs, produces less waste, costs less and lasts longer is now being installed in locations across the United States and revolutionizing what is possible in the roofing industry.

CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 13, 2014 — The V2T Roof System was born from understanding that wind, and the updraft pressure that wind creates, is one of the greatest threats to roof longevity. In an effort to eliminate that threat, a team of roofing engineers developed, tested, and refined a system, with the help of scientists, engineers and architects at Virginia Tech, that actually uses the wind to strengthen a roof rather than weaken it.  Essentially, air passing over the roof moves through a patented vent system that creates a vacuum, holding the roof membrane down to the substrate. The harder the wind blows, the stronger the vacuum, and the tighter the grip.

Not only does the wind adhere the membrane to the roof, but the vacuum also helps remove any moisture that may have somehow made its way beneath the membrane. “The fact that you don’t have to adhere the membrane with ballast, adhesives, or screws/nails allows for a much quicker install”, reports Pat Johnson, one of the engineers and company co-founders. “The way the suction removes moisture from below the membrane also allows the system to be installed in less than traditionally perfect conditions. Roof decks used to have to be bone dry, which often causes delays of days or even weeks. But when you are installing the V2T system, unless the surfaces is quite wet, you can get started as soon as the crew can get on site.”

Additionally, since the system is a free floating membrane, repairs are simple, fast, and inexpensive. You can easily cut away and replace a damaged section, which can be recycled since it is not coated with toxic adhesives. This lengthens the life and lowers the total cost of the roof, and is overall a better system for people, planet, and profits. Yes profits. Because of the reduction in total materials and speed to install, contractors are happily installing V2T. “This system removes the hardest part of the roof jobs, installing the adhesives, ballast, and screws” comments Ted Rademacher, cofounder and 30 year industry veteran. “Contractors are able to underbid traditional roof systems and still retain their customary profitability all while delivering a superior product that is less work for the contractor. Simply put, this is going to change the industry.”

About the V2T Roof System
The V2T Roof System utilizes a patented vent system that leverages the power of the wind to hold down the roof membrane – the harder the wind blows, the tighter the grip. This allows for a significant reduction in other materials such as adhesive, screws, and ballast. V2T has been tested at a NASA facility at the Langley Air Force Base, the Underwriters Laboratory (UL Test), among others, and has been tested to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 MPH. The V2T Roof System is backed by the same 20 year warranties as other top tier commercial roofs, easier to install, easier to maintain, more environmentally friendly, and has a lower cost of ownership. With millions of square feet already installed from the tropics to the coldest areas of the United States, the V2T Roof System is the obvious choice for low-slope roofs. Learn more at www.V2TRoofSystem.com.

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