This month, we’re being featured in Roofing Contractor as part of Carlisle’s new VacuSeal system. While the name may be different (thanks to a licensing deal you can read about here), the roof vents used in the VacuSeal commercial roofing system are the same low slope roofing vents we designed to work with PVC roofs, TPO roof systems, and other commercial roofing systems looking for a leading-edge alternative to traditional turbine vents and nail or screw-fastened roofing systems.

As more and more commercial roofing clients get to know the various advantages of V2T roof vents, you can expect that our patented design will soon become a low slope roofing standard. Quick installations, proven performance against harsh weather and even hurricane conditions, and more adaptability to various roof designs or special considerations are just a few of the reasons V2T and VacuSeal are changing commercial roofing systems for the better.

Read the article in January’s Roofing Contractor Magazine.

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