Venturi Roof Vent Technology Takes Center Stage at Carlisle SynTec Annual Meeting

It was only a few months ago that we announced (see press release here) our new distribution agreement with Carlisle SynTec that would make the V2T system available as VacuSeal – Vent Secured Roofing Systems. Recently, we had the chance to see what the future of this relationship will be at the Carlisle SynTec annual sales meeting in Carlisle, PA.

It was an exciting chance to see how fully an industry like Carlisle is about to support the most advanced technology available for a commercial roofing system uniquely designed to address the challenges of flat roof systems. Thanks to our patented vents that use Venturi Effect suction to lock down membranes without excessive nails, screws, ballast, and adhesive, Carlisle will soon change the way property owners think about smart roofing systems.

Take a look at some of the product training and highlights from the VacuSeal commercial roofing system demonstration, powered by V2T’s Venturi Vents. 

Carlisle SynTec Systems 2019 National Sales Meeting

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