Continuity in Expertise and Market Expansion Expected

Consistent year-over-year growth, expanding market acceptance, and solid system performance have led a group of private investors to acquire a controlling interest in V2T Technology LLC, the company that sells the V2T Roof System.  With new leadership from Patrick Murphy, one of the investors, the company seeks to accelerate its application in the low-slope commercial roofing industry.

Patrick “Pat” Murphy brings over 30 years of experience in distributing building products. He began in 1988 with Best Distributing Co., which he helped grow from a single location to 15 branches over three states. Then as part of an acquisition, Mr. Murphy joined Beacon Roofing Supply where he served as both Executive Vice President and the Chief Supply Chain Officer where he supported 240 branches across the US and Canada. He was an integral part of the Beacon management team that helped the company become one of the most profitable construction-oriented distribution businesses in North America.

“The V2T Roof System is one of the smartest, most innovative products to hit this industry,” Pat ruminates. “It’s the roofing industry disruptor. With how fast V2T installs, even over concrete that is not fully cured, plus its high safety ratings paired with what is often a 40% savings in labor – you just can’t beat it. It’s also a better option for the long-term as repairs are easier when your roof membrane is not fully adhered. I am inspired to be in this position and to help grow distribution.”

While V2T’s new management team is leaning toward growth, they are still drawing upon the talents of the inventing engineers. Pat Johnson, one of the company’s founders and senior engineer will remain involved to ensure design integrity and project specification, as well as oversee certain special projects.

About V2T:

The V2T Roof System has become the most respected vented roof system on the market. V2T reverses the battle for roofs against the wind, and instead harnesses the power of the wind to strengthen the roof. With warranty underwriting support from key membrane manufacturers such as Carlisle, FiberTite, Flex, and Versico, V2T continues to revolutionize the low slope roofing industry. To learn more, visit:

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