When temperatures start to drop, many commercial roofing businesses end up postponing good-paying projects until Spring. It’s not because they want to; it’s because traditional low-slope roofing systems require warmer weather for adhesives and glues to work properly. But with V2T, you and your team can keep working well into the winter months with a revolutionary roofing system that works without adhesives to lock roof membranes into place.

The V2T Roofing System is different because, instead of glues or screws, our patented vents harness the power of the wind to create a vacuum effect (see the Venturi Effect and the Bernoulli Principal on Wiki if you want more science) that locks membranes in place and keeps them in place no matter how hard the wind blows. In fact, the vacuum effect, or negative pressure, gets stronger as wind speeds increase.

Fewer materials, faster install – Winter Roofing With The V2T is Easy

Many adhesives are temperature sensitive and cannot be used to install a new roof in very cold weather. But because V2T allows for the membrane to be loose-laid, you don’t need adhesives and thus temperature is not a factor for the roof systemjust for the people installing the system and their tolerance for cold weather.  

Because V2T is loose laid, it is also faster to install. No inserting mechanical fasteners over the entire roof deck. This allows roofers to get on and off the roof in less time, particularly when the job is larger than 10,000 square feet. In fact, we have seen a labor savings of 40%+ on large jobsa huge plus for both construction crews as well as customers needing a fast turn around time.  

Beyond being fast, V2T is also an easy system to install in terms of the actual physical work. Imagine not having to carry buckets of screws or glues. Less risk of injury as well.  V2T’s vents are made of a light-weight PVC, so they’re even less cumbersome to install than other materials. And because there are fewer materials, the materials cost to install this roof vented system is lower than that of traditional commercial roof systems. When it comes to flat and low-slope roofing, V2T’s roof technology has all-around benefits that take you well into winter and beyond.

Installing V2T through the Winter

For professional commercial roofing companies, the effectiveness of installing V2T during the winter means there’s no need to delay jobs simply because of cold. All you need are a few days for a rapid, effective installation that offers a smart solution for recovering or replacing even large low-slope roofing projects, as well as adding new roofs.  

One example of a successful installation during the winter season is the Sears outlet center in Englewood, Colorado. At 88,820 square feet, the center houses hundreds of appliances, furnishings, consumer goods, and other inventory that could sustain irretrievable damage if the roof were to leak or fail.

The entire project was a tear off and replacement over a light-weight concrete deck. Since V2T does not require adhesives or fasteners, winter did not impair installation. The installation needed two layers of 2.0” ISO board loose-laid with a 1/2” dens deck cover board loose-laid over the concrete deck. Carlisle’s 60 mil TPO was rolled out and secured with V2T vents; no screws, no glue. In these weather conditions, this would be difficult or impossible with conventional roofing. The roofing installation company was able to continue the tear-off and replacement with no difficulty. The installation was completed with V2T in less time even in less than favorable conditions. Read the Sears case study here.

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