Welding the V2T Vent – Video Transcript


Vents are heat welded to a membrane skirt prior to installation when using V2T Roof System with PVC or Elvaloy membranes.

  1. First, thoroughly clean the vent flange with acetone to ensure a tight seal.
  2. Cut out a 30″ by 30″ square skirt from the membrane and round all four corners.
  3. Using the provided template, trace and cut a circle in the skirt and clean with acetone.
  4. Place the skirt over the vent and tack in place with a heat gun. Weld the skirt to the flange using a roller, checking often with a probe for a tight seal.
  5. Use all-purpose caulk to seal the gap between the skirt and vent.
  6. Weld the skirt to the roof membrane by following the steps outlined here.
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