V2T Testing and Safety – Video Transcript

When it comes to new technology, it’s always important to ask questions about safety. In addition to the real world examples of the V2T system protecting millions of square feet of buildings today, we have conducted several “laboratory” tests.


Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certified V2T for uplift at 195 psf negative pressure. In fact, V2T retains system integrity at UL’s static chamber maximum of 278 pounds per square foot.

We also tested a full scale roof model at the NASA wind tunnel at Langley Air Force Base, using speeds approaching category 1 hurricane force winds.


One frequent question arises when talking about safety; and that is if V2T is FM Approved. We do have a membrane that is FM approved, as do several other manufacturers which work well with the V2T system. Membranes aside, FM does not currently test vented systems. but, their approval carries a requirement of a safety factor of 2.

V2T Installations typically achieve a safety factor ranging from 2.5 – 6, and can be designed for coastal regions where hurricanes are likely. We simply need to know any safety requirements in advance and we can offer consulting and engineering services to suite your needs.

At the time of making this video, V2T has seven roofs, from the Caymans and up the Atlantic coast, that have successfully weathered hurricanes. In fact, some have been through multiple hurricanes. The building owners and property managers continue to report positively on the efficacy of the system.

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