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V2T Applications – Video Transcript

The V2T Roof System works in several applications.

Virtually any sealed deck is an opportunity for a V2T Roof System including concrete decks (structural & lightweight), gypsum decks, existing roof recovery, pre-engineered metal roofs, metal decks, commercial flat roofs, New construction and reroofs.

Weather During Installation

But what about weather during installations? Because V2T does not use glues which typically require warmer temperatures, you can install V2T in cold temperatures, and thus expand the installation season. And that same negative pressure that suctions air to secure the membrane, also extracts moisture from the roof. This means that in the case of new construction on a concrete deck, as long as the roof is dry enough to walk on, it is dry enough to install on. You don’t have to wait for the concrete to completely dry. The same is true following a rain. Obviously you don’t want to install over standing water, but the roof does not have to be bone dry to begin work. This can reduce job delays considerably.

This drying capability also works when you have an existing roof that needs to be dried. Some of our customers are installing V2T vents over existing roofs to help dry the under layers.

Green Solution

V2T is a green solution. Our roof systems produce no landfill waste as the materials can be recycled, they are easier to install, they do not use toxic adhesives, and they offer less stress on the membranes so they last longer. (any photos of removal? Maybe just show some recycle logos on the screen) When you do need to replace a V2T roof, it’s easier to recycle old membrane since there are no adhesives or fasteners to have to remove. Depending on local regulations and other job factors, using V2T may even qualify your job for LEED credits because of the change in materials.

Full Manufacturer Warranties

Many of the major membrane manufacturers warranty roofs with our system. These have included Carlisle, Fibertite, Flex, Versico, and others. There are also third party options available. If you have additional questions about membranes, feel free to contact us.

Installation Case Study

Existing roofs include buildings large and small. Though financial savings are typically not realized until around 10,000 sf. One larger example is Kohler. This kitchen and bath fixture manufacturer was having condensation problems at a distribution center in Wisconsin, in part because of their metal roof. The changing weather conditions outside, especially when cold, combined with heat generated inside, was creating moisture that was leading to leaks. Part of the solution for this 945,000 square foot facility was to use V2T not only to secure the membrane, but also to help remove residual moisture generated from operations.

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There are other examples on the website under case studies and of course there are hundreds of others we can share. The more we know about your job, the more specific we can be in our examples.

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