V2T Approved Applicator Training

As a  V2T Approved Applicator you have proven knowledge and experience needed to quote the V2T roofing system for projects and well as submit your own projects for review.

To be considered as a pre-approved V2T Approved Applicator:

  • Contractor must have proper licenses and insurance to perform work in the location where the potential job is to be installed.
  • Must have completed a minimum of 5 commercial roofing projects over 100 sq ft within the past year, and be willing to share details about the past installations
  • Contractor must be an approved applicator in good standing with one or more of our manufacturer partners
  • Contractor must be willing to provide references from vendors they actively use
  • Must have been in business for at least 5 years
  • Contractor must complete the Credit Application/Vendor Reference Sheet

Once the criteria is met, contractors are ready for training in the proper installation of a V2T roof.

  • Upon receiving a contract for a project utilizing the V2T roof system, the contractor must schedule and receive on site training from our staff for their first two V2T installs. This is typically a 2 day training, however we reserve the right to extend this training period if it is deemed necessary.
  • After the training job is completed, performance will be evaluated and V2T will determine if the contractor can continue bidding the system, or if training will continue to be required.
  • V2T reserves the right to inspect any and all projects performed with our roof system.

After the training process is complete as determined by our staff the contractor will become an Approved Applicator and will be granted any and all benefits associated with that status. This will include a listing in our directory and rites to use the V2T Approved Applicator logo in marketing materials.

*V2T reserves the right to terminate or waive any formalities associated with the approval process at it’s sole discretion.

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