Inexpensive roof vent could prevent wind damage

Insurance Journal (Online Edition) - June 2, 2008 Hurricanes often lift the roofs off buildings and expose them to damaging conditions, even after the worst of the wind has passed. Now, a roofer, Virginia Tech architecture and engineering faculty members and a...

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How To Prevent Wind Damage To Roofs ?

The wind uplift resistance of different roofing materials is variable. Some tend naturally to be resistant to damage caused by wind and others have a propensity to get damaged because of it. But the nature of the material the roof is made of is not the only thing that...

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Roof Vent Could Prevent Wind Damage

A roofer, Virginia Tech faculty members from architecture and engineering, and a graduate student have devised an inexpensive vent that can reduce roof uplift on buildings during high winds, even a hurricane. A roofer, Virginia Tech faculty members from architecture...

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