When to use a V2T Roof System

V2T Roof Systems are cost effective, environmentally responsible, and longer lasting than traditional roof systems. They also happen to offer moisture locating capabilities, and the base technology works to remove moisture as a fundamental characteristic of its...

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Virginia Tech gives roofing company a good foundation

You might never have heard of Acrylife, a company with ties to Virginia Tech. But that may change as hurricane season approaches. Two Virginia Tech alumni and brothers – Chuck and Pat Johnson – are principals of Acrylife Inc., a Wytheville company in the roofing...

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Roof vent designed to catch wind

Two brothers, Pat and Chuck Johnson, US roofing company Acrylife, and Virginia Tech research team designed an omni directional roof vent to help preserve reflective roof membranes (cool roofs), as well as conventional roofs from being lifted off or torn from wind...

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New vents protect roofs from high winds

Build a better roof vent and the world will beat a path to your rooftop. It is the quest underway in the U.S., where they are developing a roof vent that looks a little like two halves of a ball with the curved ends butted together on stilts. It’s known as the...

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A simple vent to save your roof during hurricanes

Low sloped roofs, common in Florida and other hurricane prone areas, are the most difficult to protect from damage inflicted by high winds. Hurricanes can lift the entire roof off a building and expose it to the wind, rain and other damaging conditions, even after the...

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