V2T Roof System – Case Study: Quadrant Roof Replaced

Quadrant, a leader in engineered plastics located in Wytheville, VA has dealt with leaks throughout their facility for years. Over 100,000 square feet of EPDM roof have been patched and repaired year after year. This prompted Allen Ramsey, maintenance engineer for...

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V2T Roof System: Monitoring Technology

V2T Monitoring Technology Moisture has become a multibillion dollar problem in the roofing industry, and is a major cause of re-roofing in the United States. In order to help solve this problem, the V2T Roof System has created a way for their unique vents to utilize...

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V2T Roof System: Monitoring Capabilities

Monitoring Capabilities Monitoring Architecture A typical monitoring architecture consists of the following: Multiple Sensor Units One Network Receiver (sometimes referred to as a sink) One Data Appliance One Acrysoft.Net account for cloud storage and viewing of data...

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Benefits of the V2T Roof System: The Drying Effect

The V2T Roof System has many valuable benefits including the price, being a ‘green’ technology, and offering quicker installation and in less than perfect weather. However, one often discussed benefit of the V2T vent is its ability to pull both air and moisture out...

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2001 System versus V2T Roof System Vent Technology

Here at V2T we get this question from consultants, architects and contractors on a weekly basis. Yes, there are significant differences in the Kelly System and the V2T Vent Technology.  The first and most important difference is the geometry of the two systems,...

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When to use a V2T Roof System

V2T Roof Systems are cost effective, environmentally responsible, and longer lasting than traditional roof systems. They also happen to offer moisture locating capabilities, and the base technology works to remove moisture as a fundamental characteristic of its...

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